Office of Risk Management and Safety Services

Risk Management Mission Statement

The Mission of the OCCHD Office of Risk Management is to safeguard and manage the protection of OCCHD human resources, physical property, natural assets, and financial assets and to minimize losses, adverse impact of and legal liabilities.

Operating Philosophy

OCCHD is committed to protecting the human, physical, and financial resources of the agency, as well as those of the general public whenever and wherever they are affected by City operations. OCCHD recognizes the responsibility to manage its operations in such a way that these resources are conserved and utilized effectively. As part of that commitment the agency strives to provide a safe work environment that protects employees and the public from injury. The success of OCCHD’s Risk Program depends on our ability to instill in each other an awareness and acceptance of his or her responsibility for creating a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work.

Risk Management Goals

The following goals concerning risk management are established for OCCHD:

  • The long-term goal is to minimize harm to the physical, human, fiscal, and environmental resources of the agency, and to minimize the total cost of risk to OCCHD
  • To minimize harm and the cost of risk, each functional area shall:
  • Attempt to routinely identify all significant known perils and risks to which they may be exposed
  • Take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent harmful events and losses
  • Initiative reasonable and appropriate loss control techniques to control the frequency and severity of those losses that are unavoidable
  • In the event a harmful act or loss occurs, OCCHD shall provide for prompt, reasonable correction or payment, to the extent that the OCCHD is reasonably responsible, for any harm done to persons or properties by the agency or its employees

Risk Management’s authority and responsibilities shall not cross over into other functional areas of the institution. However, since a comprehensive risk management program touches all other functional areas of the institution, managers, supervisors, and employees of all functional areas are expected to cooperate with the Risk Manager in the development and implementation of the risk management program.

*If you have been injured or have been in an accident involving the OKC-County Health Department, please download our Incident Report Form.

Corporate Compliance

Please call the Corporate Compliance Hotline at (405) 419-4055 and leave a confidential message regarding any ethical concerns about the OKC-County Health Department or its employees.